Solutions for Providers

Powerful insights that enable provider organizations to deliver better care at lower costs, fulfilling the intent of value-based care.

Analytic Insights

With an eye towards the future, we help you realize value at every level.


Cobalt.kb brings years of data science experience to your fingertips. Whether you are a provider looking to catch patients that may otherwise slip through the cracks, or a payor seeking to shape your offering and services, we know where to start. delivers the forecasted insights to help you see opportunities, prepare solutions, and exceed patient and member expectations. Do you want to identify when a patient will need a costly procedure or what services will be critical to your members next year? We can help you get a clear picture. helps to identify the key puts and takes affecting your financial performance. With intelligent insights shaping financial, business, and functional design, we can make your data go to work for you.

Care Delivery and Integrated Care Solutions

Boost efficiency and improve scalability with customized strategies for providers.

Advanced Primary Care

We have years of experience, exposure, and insight into what benefits members and patients experience when utilizing advanced primary care.

For providers we ensure that your practice and services align with the value-based needs of your patients. Identify how to support, sustain, and perform in value-based arrangements with payers while supplying superior care.

Integrated Care

Integrated Care is complex and complicated. However, an evolutionary leap in the experience, cost, and quality measures exists for those focusing on integrating care.

For providers there are plenty of competitors and constraints in today’s environment. An essential capability for providers over the long haul will be the ability to optimize revenue cycle behaviors. This means balancing existing fee for service arrangements, structuring value-based contracts, and keeping quality high.

We know what it takes to structure value-based arrangements and build the care teams and capabilities necessary to ensure success. With a data-driven focus, we will work to tailor an experience that maximizes value, optimizes your revenue cycle, and differentiates your organization. We would love to show you how.