Collaborative Partners.

Bold Solutions.

Serving payers and providers with administrative, clinical, and analytical services.

A suite of solutions that deliver sustained value for your organization.

For Payers

Innovative solutions designed to diversify payers’ revenue, reduce costs, remove distractions, and create strategic opportunities.

For Providers

Powerful insights that enable provider organizations to deliver better care at lower costs, fulfilling the intent of value-based care.

Experts Partnering With Experts

Rethink business as usual.

Our industry experience delivers consistent, superior, and cost-effective innovations for you.

We align end-to-end solutions that help deliver a sustained financial performance.

Our brands work together to bring new models, new services, and new ways of doing business.

Our insights serve organizations to see opportunities where others see fragmentation and risk.

Claims Processing

We have years of experience delivering solutions to clients nationwide including process automation, systems conversion, and outsourcing services.

Analytics and Intelligence Services

We provide high-value analytical tools paired with practical guidance to deliver actionable solutions to your most challenging problems.

Care Delivery

Our approach is rooted in Advanced Primary Care as a basis for building integrated care models that empower payers, providers, and patients.

Contact Center

Our contact center solutions represent market-leading services for payers who are seeking the best for their provider and member communities.

Collective Goals and Operations
Responsive and Transparent Engagement

An Eye Towards the Future
Value Across the Care Continuum

Strategic Insights
Broad-Industry Expertise

Boost Efficiency
Improve Scalability

We Are Here to Collaborate

Cobalt Health Solutions is powered by collaboration – with our teams, our partners, and our customers.

We know that healthcare is a challenge. And we know the only way to overcome those challenges is together; with experts, practitioners, and visionaries.

How can we collaborate with you?

The Cobalt Difference

We are here to joyfully and boldly embrace challenges. There is no challenge within a payer or provider organization that we aren’t prepared to support.

Engage with us. Share with us. Let us show you what collaboration and partnership can do; The Cobalt Way.

How can we make a difference together?

Our Inception

We were founded on the principles and values of integrity, innovation, and intelligence.

We capitalize on years of experience in the managed care, care delivery, applied analytics, and strategy development functions.

We are here to do business differently.

Our Purpose

We’re here to assist you in taking on the most challenging aspects of healthcare today.

We are here to partner, collaborate, and deliver real results with real impact. We are here to find, define, and assist you in recognizing real value.

We are here to make healthcare delightful.

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Together, our possibilities are endless. And we can’t wait to partner with you.


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